Redeeming Ambition

December 31, 2017 Speaker: James Hinton Series: Momentum: How To Move Forward in 2018

Topic: Ambition Passage: Philippians 3:10–3:14

series_momentumWhat is the role of ambition in your life? Ambition has gotten a really bad rap in our society. To say that someone is "ambitious" usually has a bad connotation. We think of Michael Douglas in Wall Street; greedy, proud, cut-throat, overly-competitive.

To be clear: selfish ambition is definitely wrong. James 3:13-14 says that selfish ambition is the root of all kinds of bad sins: bitter jealousy, exploitation, constant dissatisfaction. Jeremiah 45:5 says, plainly, "Do you seek great things for yourself? Seek them not." Selfish ambition is sinful.

But there is another kind of amition that is good and right. Listen in as we uncover redeemed ambition.

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