A Name Above Every Name

January 22, 2017 Speaker: James Hinton Series: Exodus

Passage: Exodus 3:11–4:17

sermon_20170122“Who am I?” Our modern culture invites us to ask this all the time. Identity has become fluid or malleable. A century ago, who you were was determined by where you had grown up and who your parents were. But now we can invent and reinvent ourselves almost on a daily basis. We switch careers. We move around. We join sub-cultures. We have online identities. It’s a world of opportunity—but it also creates angst and anxiety. Rates of depression are higher than ever before, and part of that is caused by the brittleness of our sense of who we are, which means we are constantly evaluating and re-evaluating our identity, striving to confirm it and dealing with failures to live up to it.

For Moses, the questioning of his identity was prompted by a task he felt unable to complete. It’s the same today. So the question is: Who am I? God’s answer? And God says to you, “I will be with you”.

You can walk through life with me. You can base your sense of self on your knowledge of me—find your confidence and worth in knowing that I am there for you, and here with you. You can know that I am with you, and your achievements and your failures will not affect that status. “I will be with you.”

In Exodus Chapters 3&4 we will NOT discover “practical pointers” for self-improvement but we will explore the “name that is above every name” that forms our identity and transforms our lives!

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