Prosperity in Providence

December 4, 2016 Speaker: James Hinton Series: Exodus

Passage: Exodus 1:1–1:8

sermon_20161204From darkness to light, this is the story we all share as the people of God. He leads us out to draw us in. From the birth of Israel to the church today, God delivers and dwells with his people. This story began several thousand years ago, and it began with a promise from God to Abraham that he would make his offspring more numerous than the stars in the sky, a great nation who would one day dwell in the Promised Land.

More than 400 years passed, and Abraham's descendants had not seen this promise fulfilled. Instead, the Israelites lived as foreigners in the land of Egypt. Fearing the Hebrews would grow into a mighty nation and overtake them the pharaoh of Egypt forced them to work as slaves but the people continued to grow...

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