Core Values

Core Values

Core values are deep-seated convictions that drive behavior. While vision serves to ignite us, core values tend to unite us. They become the shared beliefs that are acted out in our daily behavior as a community committed to a common vision and mission. It is to be understood when we refer to “core values” we are referring to convictions about how our church and its leadership operate not doctrinal statements about what we believe. Core values are foundational for developing relationships, church systems, ministries, and strategies. Values are revealed in the church’s actions, calendar, and budget. These must be consistent with and supportive of our core values. Mosaic’s goal in being very intentional about communicating our core values is to:

  1. Clarify and Define Expectations
  2. Clarify Roles and Relationships
  3. Provide Direction for Strategic Planning
  4. Provide Principles that shape our church’s behavior

Mosaic’s Church Culture Distinctives

  • Bold proclamation of the Word, with expository, application-oriented preaching
  • Relevant worship without compromise
  • Quality discipleship, not a quantity of disciples
  • Worship, walk and work for Christ
  • Thriving small group ministry
  • Church-planting churches
  • Elder-led church government
  • Biblical soul care

1. Relational Intentionality

Two concepts are married in this value: relational and intentional. Mosaic desires to be highly intentional and focused. But our programs are not the goal but part of a bigger picture of life change and mission. People are not projects or pawns to help with the ministry… THEY ARE THE MINISTRY! They are loved and valued as people on a journey with Jesus. The Marriage between relational and intentional will produce transformed people who will populate a transformational church. The purpose of relationships in Mosaic is to see lives changed through the power of Christ. Relationships are the soil for which the seed of the Word of God grows. Therefore we need to be intentional about caring for the soil not just worried about planting seed.

2. Refreshing

We at Mosaic need to be constantly refining our processes and finding innovative, creative ways to communicate the timeless truths of the Gospel. We need to be proactive in our approach to the community. We understand and believe that every good idea and system has a shelf life and therefore we need to be constantly changing our methods and models to ensure that the message is communicated in an effective way.

3. Relevant

We need to be relevant to the people that we endeavor to reach and empower them for ministry. Therefore, we will endeavor to ensure that our ministry models and methods are simple, transferrable, and reproducible. Questions that will need to be constantly asked are:

  1. What are we doing?
  2. Why are we doing it?
  3. Are we as leaders the only ones that can do it? Why?
  4. How does this choice, program, activity or event move us towards our vision, fit into our process, or help us accomplish our mission?

4. Family Focused

God created the family before any other institution. If we want to change a community we need to build great families. Mosaic will strive to strengthen the families of its members through intentional relationships and family centered activities and studies. Our ministries, methods, and models therefore need to complement the family not compete against it.

5. Masculine Driven

At Mosaic we believe that God has called men to lead and pastor their home. Our goal is clear and plain…To build great MEN! This great task is accomplished by cultivating an environment where biblical masculinity is the standard not the exception for men. Today, the “masculine truths” of the Word of God that produces an untamed faith is deemed incorrect, unloving, and narrow-minded by our oversensitive culture. Christian leaders are unwittingly playing right along. But when you remove the “manly stuff” from the believer’s life, you remove the horsepower from the engine of the local church. When these biblical masculine truths are taken out or not given their proper emphasis, men begin to check out and become passive. Their power to stand and live boldly for Christ, their family, and their community is emptied of the necessary muscle and endurance to succeed.

"An emasculated church might smell sweeter and look nicer, and may even get in a whole lot less trouble; but ultimately, it is a church that is impotent. And while it might be less offensive, it is powerless to break through to the souls of the lost or to radically recue the overlooked and the oppressed."
~ Eric Ludy

Mosaic’s goal is to cultivate a masculine spirit that is conducive to setting men’s hearts free by the power of God’s Word, the inner workings of the Holy Spirit, and allowing Christ to have the Preeminence. In short, this is the Purpose of every man, the dream of every woman, and the Hope for every child.