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Help! My teen is abandoning Christ


Today’s sobering question comes from a mother of a teenager, who asks this: “Hello, Pastor John. What would you do if your 14-year-old says she no longer wants to pray because she is no longer a Christian, doubts the existence of God, and doubts that Christianity is better than any other religion?...

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How to share the Gospel with your kids


Our children begin to define themselves at a very young age, and the search for identity intensifies as they approach adolescence. Like all of us, our children will default to finding their identity in what others think or expect...

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High School Graduation: The Squire Stage


A second ceremony occurs when a son finishes high school. This, too, is a pivotal time, fraught with potential dangers. Upon leaving home for college, a young man discovers a newfound sense of freedom...

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Puberty: The Page Stage


Age 13 is a pivotal time in a boy's life. A chemical called testosterone, the male sex hormone, which has always been present in smaller amounts, begins to appear in large quantities. Testosterone triggers the development of muscle tissue and transforms a boy's physical features...

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Initiating Sons Into Manhood


Years ago I began meeting with two good friends, Bill Wellons and Bill Parkinson, to research, discuss and plan how to raise our sons into manhood. Then Ann Parkinson asked me a question I couldn't answer. She said: "Robert, how does a young man know when he has become a man?"...

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